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02 January 2011

ON... The Benefit of No Doubt

The English language is considered one of the most difficult to learn. Its fluent readers, speakers and writers know its 26 letters and ten (0-9) numerical figures aren't necessarily rocket science at face value. Ask those on the fringe of the tongue, however, and the multiple options for interpretation using those symbols might pose a problem at some point. Beyond homophones (words that sound alike) and homographs (words that look alike), I admit that certain word groupings have been a bit of an issue, even as a native speaker. For instance, the common phrase "for good" replaces what should represent upstanding integrity with the function of a literary clock, merely measuring a period of time similar to forever. Unfortunately for the applicable subject, someone can choose to be angry, idle or misguided 'for good'. More suitably, however, someone else will have made the choice to love truly even for a moment. This is the manipulation of time and space vs. integrity.

These days, when "the benefit of the doubt" is mentioned, I find the phrase just as cringeworthy. Understandably, the intent of its use is often positive and denotes the act of giving someone or something, like peace, a chance. Still, the line dividing the benefit of that chance and its disbelief (aka doubt) is crystal-clear to me. At what point does the otherwise humanitarian 'beneficiary' make a real decision of commitment to Love or hate? When tried, is the decision sound and in high order or baseless?

Recently, I noticed a 'tweet' that suggested the reader should forgive their enemies, but never forget their names. I understand where the person was coming from, but with the Most High as an example, Divine redemption and wrath are absolute. For the respectively worthy, records of sins and names are both erased from the Book of Life without question. But to doubt is to dilute. Are we still so feeble that we can't stomach solids, much less ones we've cooked? That's OK, as growth is a process, but it won't fly forever. Remember, true nourishment is a must for a healthy body! The Lord will feed us the bread and Water of Life, but will not force us to eat.

I find that personal accountability grows as we mature yet seek to maintain youthful joy in Him. The face of our "enemies" changes from that of puppets for ill will outside of us to the gatekeeper within whose duty it is to be more selective and vigilant finally to any energies that want to oppose the laws of Life in Truth and Love. To Love something or someone (with wisdom, after God and myself enough to do so the right way), however, is to give and receive the benefit thereof with a pure patience and power. As for me and my 'house', we will serve the Lord just like that! It's cold outside in much of the world right now, soul family. Please stay strong and be well! Come warm up, take a load off and let's reason, even in silence before the Most High. Would you like some hot chocolate? Or, if you have the time, would you like stew? I just made some and it seems it was served out almost immediately. I'll see about it and something else for you.

Confusion, doubt, fear and all their hateful vessels are archenemies of the unwavering example and embodiment of Christ, who taught that double-mindedness should expect no good or stable return. Fulfillment, then, is only found in active faith. Is the Creator of all things (un)seen and (un)manifest Who we're believing to best refine and deliver our needs, only our mortal selves or some external entity that can not reproduce All there is, no matter how relatively powerful? Depending upon what we know of that source, will we really like the fullness of its return?

For New Years a while back, two of my favorite people (a sweet, mother-daughter pair) decided to share an outgoing message on their respective cell phones. I don't recall it verbatim, but it went something like this: "Whatever motivates you can either elevate or devastate you. Choose to be ELEVATED in 20XX". If the Word is any indication, I believe both their unity and the message's freedom of choice for a righteous faith continue to be pleasing to the Spirit. I'm hoping and believing that the message of this post's work will do the same, bringing peaceful encouragement for harmless and constructive elevation in the Most High to all who read it along their ways.

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