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25 February 2011

Free Day

Did I ever mention to you that I hate unnecessary waste?

Ideas, time, energy, food, clothes... you name it - I'd like to make proper use of it, if possible. Grandma didn't raise us to take liberties otherwise. I'm not saying I haven't made such mistakes or that everything, once gotten, should be retained. I for one have procrastinated terribly on some creative matters and, for too long a time, even kept the first sneakers I ever bought [low-top, black classic Reeboks about $10 less than the high-top version coined "$54.11s"] simply because I -- and not only a guardian -- afforded them with honest, part-time pay. Who cares that the upper eventually separated from the sole and the shoes started 'talking', unfit to be worn except around the house with a flattened back as a kind of mule? They were mine! *smh* I believe I have a better understanding of how important it is to sustain the good and necessary now.

That concept, often linked only with indigenous or just conscientious people, came back to heart and mind this morning after catching some TV One performances of soul favorites and reading a recent online interview about an activist/former beauty queen of African & Native American descent. At a popular African street festival almost 10 years ago, I took the following picture on a whim. It's not very fancy and my loved ones have probably tired of seeing it, but it remains a personal favorite due to its simplicity and stark message.
"School Dazed" (Brooklyn, NY) | ©PMLLC

For all men, women, boys and girls in this world, there is much to learn. Some of us are free to do just that: fill our minds, hearts and souls with whatever new jewels we choose or remember and polish what we once knew; hopefully as a blessing. Any way you pronounce it, if the Most High pronounces it, another day comes upon each of us to do what we can. I am learning to make the best of and thank God -- the One with the Power to restore and preserve -- for every one. May the liberties that accompany then follow daybreak, its lessons, laws and the like be in the Lord's perfect Will.

Have a good weekend!

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