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24 February 2011

Mary May Pass

On matrimony in the land, the Charmed one could surely join the ranks of U.S. states/territories that deem same sex marriages legal. The bill to add Maryland to the almost seven-year-old and growing list that currently includes Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire and Washington D.C. was passed in the Senate this afternoon. Following next Friday's results of the expected appeal to the House, 'Mary' may or may not be officially involved in such connections.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), the debate is actually a lot more colorful, so to speak, than the black-and-white issue of whether or not only the union of one man and one woman can be legally recognized. Further details of the various terms and locations most closely related to the different unions can be found at their site.

As the evening news brought me up to speed with the expectant traffic, weather, local goings-on and the Md. Senate president's suggestion of  "referendum" ironically opposing the majority of the group he leads there, my own minority stance revisited what I believe to be the rightful and Original design. I would rather not babble any further about others' opinions and decisions or even what could be considered my own misgivings from years of posts past. I will just maintain and share this Word as the night passes and some of the world awaits the updates of tomorrow.

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