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23 February 2011

Creed and Clear Water ~ REVIVAL!

I love diving into a good book when I can! As a girl, devouring a novel (and maybe a snack from the bodega near the train station) was a pleasurable privilege granted by a "free" library system that made my four-hour roundtrip daily commute feel short. Romantic elements were okay, but horror/mystery, history, worthwhile characters and their healing solutions were the crux of my reading interest. Needless to say, the times and tide have changed.

Fast-forwarding to today's task of warming and gross [sic] decongestion, I am finally completing a borrowed tale about a young Irish woman who set out to find Life's magic, namely Love. I noticed it during a family visit back near what's celebrated as Thanksgiving.* The author, whose somewhat similar path through writing, music, activism and faith came to my attention about nine years ago, used this work to reiterate the importance of love to guide any labor as well as the "implacable" violations those labors are subject to if ever seeking to darkly affect another's free will.

The Kingdom of God is established as One of order and decency that evil seeks to undermine with chaos. As the latter is forced to try on a systematic approach for such efforts, however, it is essentially subject to the Will it hopes to disrupt. Yes. It is written. My nose and chest are achieving release. The sink and other receptacles are left progressively clearer. The teas have done their job and my system can better use the flush of ample cool water.

In about 70 pages and a few more lime and eucalyptus essential oil drops on my tissue, that book and its message will also be done. I will have enjoyed the exchanges of the young woman and her teachers, the rolling countrysides and cobblestone streets it encouraged me to envision. When I'm back in my cousin's neck of the woods, the book will finally be returned after an uncharacteristic three months.

Before it was ever opened, as the cause of my pauses and long after she receives it, however, I will go deeper and higher into my favorite Book. May it do the same to me and all readers to help keep us on the right path with Christ from within. Even when I'm not in the mood, for the good it teaches of drama, intrigue, war, peace, foolishness, wisdom, hateful deceit and mostly, the Love of a Teacher so profound they both soaked and transcended the cross to Live in us even "now" - whenever, and forever, that is.

* I am grateful for the (message of the) picture now enclosed below, taken in my office at the time two weeks before learning of that book. It somehow came back to my attention today and seems to have earned a nice home in yesterday's post.

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