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10 February 2011

"Come by Here"

Melodies have been floating in the air around me alot lately. If I may be so forward, it feels like the Lord is restoring my song. Keeping the original ones and transferring them to useful forms has been a somewhat slow but blessed process!

After years of feeling choked or even neglecting my own throat's mandate for healthy expression, sometimes I'm at a loss for words to express my gratitude for God's gifts, however humbly they present themselves. 

Throughout my days, however, more popular music has been well-versed in lifting spirits, offering key instruction, sharing testimony that shows how relatively small my own concerns can be and so on.

In those moments, it felt like no less than an all-encompassing visitation from the Holy Spirit! I have to share some of the inspiration that I'd been given!

Please feel free to allow only the voice of God to minister to you how & where His Will meets your need through the following vessels when you, too,...
are speechless from the grandeur of God: "If I Can't Say A Word"*
realize that you need His covering: "Standing in the Need of Prayer"
have fought long, hard & fairly, seeing Light at the tunnel's end: "I Believe"
are truly inclined to praise, even in hard times: "The Great I AM"
are grateful for the amazing, saving Grace: "Over and Over"
can't seem to stop praising in your own way: "Hallelujah!"
tuck timidity away to Love & Live in Christ's authority:
"I'm Walking..."

* Twitter Note: The link here is of Ann Nesby's lovely version though I referred to Karen Clark-Sheard's. To wit,
"I WOULD explain it if I could" but none is required of me. (LOL) Just keep having Your Way, Holy Spirit!
Brothers and sisters in Christ, please enjoy!

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