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09 February 2011

The True Vine

Pssst... Let me tell you something...

A girlfriend of mine forwarded me a cute and positive e-mail based on the word "no"!

With "positive" and "no" in the same sentence, some might see a contradiction at first glance, but I can easily think of instances where the negative is actually the most positive news to receive. Doctor to a patient: "The results of your biopsy are negative for any abnormal tissues; you're fine. Please stop by the front desk to schedule your regular follow-up appointment. Have a good day!" That's great news, no? :)

As requested in the message body, her "To" line displayed nine other recipients. Although I prefer the 'netiquette' of some protective intimacy with loved ones via a "BCC", I am very grateful for the gift of her timely and true message.

Besides, scrolling down for miles to reach the message brought my own oft-needed message right on home: allow for smaller bites and better overall digestion! Joyful fire for the content of God's Word doesn't mean I have to ramble it as it overflows from my heart. (God's still working with me, everyone. Thanks for your patience and help!)

My fingers spread the love to my own varied contacts. One friend I had heard from earlier got back to me with brief laughter when he received the message, as it touched upon what would be his closing statements of the first convo. Regardless of all the antennae, coils, strings and whispers at work in the world, his return of a pure joy was testimony to the Sovereign reach of the Everlasting Arms.

If and as the others choose, those contacts will do the same and so the cycle of (paying it) forwards to properly feed the body of Christ will continue. As the Son of Righteousness keeps enriching the ground we stand on and shining understanding into us for His glory, our rightful connections are being purified by His refining Love and re-made wholly, better as He returns.

Did you hear? Tell everybody!

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