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06 February 2011

Ain't It Good to Know...

Entering into this day, a desire of my heart was fulfilled; to rejoin more dear friends and make music like we used to! Well, kinda; we don't don't really do anything -- look, work, think, live -- like we used to and that's OK. The brother whose song and session I was invited to accent had come full circle to record a project he intended with the birth of his first son, some years ago. Dynamic as Life can be, his plans had to wait for the days upon us now. 

The soundtrack was so soulful and the camaraderie, infused with joy. Eventually, I entered the booth to sing his chorus and stood before the mic with the conviction to do well. As certain past-life lyrics left my lips, though, it was my spirit that was truly convicted. I dubbed his vocals as is customary to enhance the texture of it. I omitted some words on my tracks for the respect of it. I even added harmonies to deflect it. The blend sounded great, but no matter what I did, the uncomfortable feeling of even the slightest compromise remained within my gut.

In those wee hours, I asked the Lord for the humility and wisdom to search myself according to the Word. Some scriptures entered my heart as the rough mix was being engineered. Quite possibly I troubled the downtime flow in the room a bit with my need to offer more breath to the Truth growing within me as well. As the sunrise approached, we all parted ways and later, in silence, I received rest. When I rose, Bob Marley's birthday was being celebrated among the radio waves. His genre contemporaries at-large sang "if you run down your shadow now, you'll never catch it" and other melodies bringing the real "book of rules" to mind.

Rocking to the 'rockers' playing in the kitchen, my spirit was freed to know renewed and reinforced purpose by this lesson of shadow and light. As we move into God's Truth, we need not be hypocritical, ignorant, merciless to or enraptured by the essence of the past. Remembering where we've come from is a blessing that can strengthen our faith, especially when the previous territory has become so unfamiliar. It is then that only the light of Righteousness will clarify the lanes' boundaries and help us continue on the Way forward to new desires in Him (hymn, too).

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Donnetta said...

Thank you for recently stopping by and joining in the conversation!

You shared here, "Remembering where we've come from is a blessing that can strengthen our faith."

Oh that is so true. I believe that is part of what the Psalmist was declaring the many times he challenges us to remember all that God has done... all that God has brought us from! Remembering so that our faith can be strengthened indeed!

Again, thanks for stopping by and know you are welcome anytime!

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